SPORTLOGIQ – Smarter analytics, smarter plays.

Sportlogiq is a company harnessing artificial intelligence to process detailed sports analytics. Their advanced analytics software tracks the location and actions of every player on the ice, field, or court. Machine intelligence techniques are then used to extract meaningful insights from the data collected, allowing teams and fans to understand and experience the game in ways previously unimaginable.

FOR TEAMS – Sportlogiq’s reporting system provides in-depth analysis that focuses on both team and player level performance. AI-driven insights gathered from their proprietary datasets provide unique information on underlying team performance, trends, and systems.

FOR MEDIA – Sportlogiq delivers AI-driven insights gathered from their proprietary datasets to form the foundation for creating the best-informed content on the market. Whatever the platform, they bring your audience closer to the game.

Sportlogiq are ready to discuss how your Sports Team or Media company will benefit from their groundbreaking AI technology.

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