Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Marketing?

 There’s no doubt about it, we’re on the cusp of seeing Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming a part of our everyday surroundings. But – is Artificial Intelligence the future of Marketing? It’s not really surprising to hear that Marketing experts have predicted that Artificial Intelligence technology will become integrated into most offline appliances such as your fridge and many other aspects of your life where replenishment has the capacity to become automated. 

 Companies such as Google and Facebook will probably be the masterminds behind powering such integrated campaigns, whereas the fridge manufacturer will serve as the publisher. AI’s role in within this home automated replenishment world will gravitate mainly around learning and understanding consumer behaviour – especially at a personal level within the home.

 So, how might Artificial Intelligence Marketing actually look?  If we go back to the home replenishment environment, there are a fair few opportunities where we will start to see consumer behaviour learning. The early examples will monitor juice or milk levels within your fridge. Once the level drops below your desired point, a data signal will trigger targeted adverts to your phone or to your home speaker system. You will be prompted to decide whether you want to replenish with your favourite brand or swap to the brand with the latest promotion, best price etc. Either way the Artificial Intelligence will learn your behaviour and will adapt it’s pitch to persuade you to switch brands based on why you’ve been influenced in the past. 

   Artificial Intelligence will definitely play a big role in the future of Marketing. We have all of this to look forward to; the talking Smeg, bottomless orange juice and less time wandering the isles of the supermarket.  

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