Intel giants flog 1 billion dollars worth of Artificial Intelligence chips!

It’s no surprise that PC sales have stagnated. To counter this decline Intel has been pushing sales to data centers, providing background computing power for mobile and web-based apps. Apps that specialise in face and speech recognition where artificial intelligence is heavily present. 

Scientists however have an understanding that graphical processors such as Nvidia’s are much better tailored to training artificial intelligence computer programs than the central processor units, or central processing unit’s, that have been Intel’s pillar for years.  

It was at the recent Wall Street Analysts event hosted at Intel’s Californian headquarters that their data centre chief announced that they had increased the ability of their CPU’s to become over 200 times more able at artificial intelligence training over the past 5 years.

Their 2017 results speak for themselves. They recently recorded sales of $1 billion of it’s Xeon processors, this was against a total revenue of $62.8 billion.

The future is definitely looking great for Intel. Stocks are up which reflects the confidence this powerhouse has in it’s artificial intelligence strategy.

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