How Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will Save Highstreet Retailers.

Pepper The Customer Services Robot 


 It’s incredible to learn that many stores are already trialling customer greeting, store-front service robots. Essentially these are being seen as the first wave of customer facing artificial intelligence robots. The figures alone clearly suggest these humanoid bots are already beginning to calve a path for further artificial intelligence that will impact the retail industry. Yes, so these shops have recruited robots that can perceive human behaviour and emotions. A case study in America (Softbank mobile stores) recorded up to 70% increased footfall from this unique consumer experience. It’s interesting to imagine the level of hype this consumer experience experimental campaign would generate. The trendy apparel store, The Ave were also quick to pilot this interactive experience and saw a massive 300% increase in revenue. It comes at no surprise that numerous other retailers across Japan are now investing in such humanoids to capture this wave of consumer interaction and experience.  


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