How Apple, Facebook, Google and Intel will Influence the Future of the Human Race?

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben, Spiderman

Where will Apple, Facebook, Google and Intel fit in the history of the world and the great journey of the human race? Where will we fit if the controls are not effective and ethically implemented within the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning? 

“One day an Artificial Intelligence could go rogue and take out the whole of the human race.” The genuine potential of this scenario is currently consuming some of the worlds smartest masterminds! 

“With Artificial Intelligence we summoning the deamon?” Elon Musk

So what does Apple, Facebook, Google and Intel have to do with this? We asked the following question to one of Google’s managers who’s role was to promote AI integrated products that supported digital marketing within the Retail industry – here’s what they had to say: 

“it’s the governments responsibility to implement, police, review and enforce the correct ethical measures to protect our interest in the future of the human race.”  

Let’s just hope the Government can pass this new legislation within the not so distant future.

 It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a global powerhouses like Apple, Facebook, Google and Intel are in a joint race to scoop up all AI start-ups in a bid to integrate as much AI as they can into their products. The shortage of Artificial Intelligence talent presents the opportunity for these powerhouses to monopolise the industry and retain a very strong lead in the research and development of such technologies. We can only hope that they will work very closely with the government before they’ve harnessed the full potential of Artificial Intelligence. 

You may of already heard about the 2 programs Facebook had to shut down following the discovery that they had started writing their own code. The AI programs had even been talking to each other in their own language. Still, no-body knows what they were talking about!!?

The speed in which machine learning can advance is surely our main cause of concern. Once Artificial Intelligence learns at a pace faster than the human brain we’ll have reached the real pinnacle of this technological advance.   

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