Rumours – Google developing personal AI fitness coach.

Evidence suggests that Google are preparing an Artificial Intelligence-driven fitness coach for their under-performing platform WearOS. Could this be the future AI personal trainer we’ve all been waiting for!?

Whist consumers continue to rank Health and Fitness as the number one factor when buying smartwatches, strip away the pedometers and these highly priced accessories are the new posh spot to absorb your smartphone notifications.

We’ve seen some seriously impressive features recently with Google’s competitor the Apple Watch. With the ability to track specific gym machines during your work-out- it’s no surprise the market leader is running away from the competition.

So what have Google got install for us with this new fitness coach. Reports from the site Andriod Police touch on Google’s ambitions to use AI to identify when unhealthy choices have been made. The technology will aim to send the user subtle prompts in order for them to get back on track with their diet. All of this with the intention of not overwhelming the delinquent dieter. Experts have also linked the AI to synch through your google home so you can enjoy personal tailored fitness advice through your day. Impressive huh!


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